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Automatic Car (Kia Cerrato) 

Simon started his working career as a chef in Darwin, moving to Queensland in 1986 continuing with his cooking career owning his own business. He then changed direction in career path, moving into the emergency services working for Queensland fire and rescue service as a Fire Fighter, where he has been since 1991 until current. Since being in the fire service Simon has involved himself in recruit training which incorporated teaching defensive driving to recruit fire fighters, as well as many other aspects of the job. Being in the Queensland Fire Service, I have developed a passion for Driver training and the benefits of defensive driving and teaching good basic driving skills.

5 Star Rating


All of the instructors I have had have been good, but Simon is my favourite instructor. He always makes sure I’m not too nervous and provides a lot of positive reinforcement which has helped build my confidence driving so much. He is a wonderful teacher!

Lauren Northey

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