HC Truck Licence

A HC (Heavy Combination Truck Licence) covers any truck or prime mover with at least 3 axles and a semi-trailer with at least 2 axles with a 15 tonne GVM.

The HC Truck licence allows you to drive trucks with semi-trailers including prime movers, floats and low loaders.

You must have held an MR or HR licence for at least for 12 months before upgrading.

We offer heavy combination licence training in either one of our prime movers: a Freightliner Argosy 101 with automatic gearbox and 550hp CAT C15 single turbo motor or "Stella" a Western Star with 18 speed Eaton Fuller Road Ranger gearbox and 550hp CAT C15 twin turbo motor. 

If you have a medical condition the code ‘M’ will be recorded on your licence. This means that when you drive you must carry a current medical certificate (this is detachable from your Medical Certificate for Motor Vehicle Driver form F3712) and drive in accordance with any stated conditions.

When upgrading to a higher class of licence, if you have a condition: M on your current licence you will need to visit your doctor to have the certificate updated to include the new class before you begin your training.

If you drive vehicles with a GVM of more than 8 tonnes, public passenger vehicles (for example buses, taxis or booked hire) or drive a vehicle that is licensed or required to be licensed to carry dangerous goods, you must meet the commercial vehicle driver medical standards in the Assessing Fitness to Drive publication. For more information, visit the Austroads website www.austroads.com.au

What can I drive? Number of Trailers Description
1 A truck with more than a 15 tonne GVM and a trailer more than a 9 tonne and GVM.
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