Damian Gough

Driver Trainer

Manual Car (Corolla Ascent), MR, HR, HC, MC

Hailing from Western Queensland, Damian has lived and worked in remote towns and stations where he's operated and driven a range of machinery, motorbikes and vehicles.

He made the move to Townsville and with his experience with semitrailers and road trains he became a fuel tanker driver for 10 years. After seeing one accident too many, Damian decided that he wanted to spend more time with his family and make a difference within the transport industry.

His passion for motor sports began at a very early age when he mustered cattle on a bike and trekked the countryside competing in endurance races. Damian's favourite lounge room races are the Dakar and World rallies and the V8 Supercars; he volunteered at the inaugural Dunlop Townsville 400.

Damian has studied horticulture, is a keen gardener and has an awesome Bonsai collection. His motto is that you learn something new everyday and he believes that it's a responsibility and not a right that you drive on our roads. Vehicle Type: Toyota Corolla, 0488 517 103

Angelo Toci

Driver Trainer

Automatic Car (Kia Cerato)

Angelo’s background is primarily in the heavy construction industry driving various types of heavy machinery, which was followed by a number of years in the tyre industry for Bridgestone.

He also successfully ran a lawnmower and small engine business for eight years prior to gaining qualifications as a driving instructor. Angelo teaches in automatic vehicles. 0439 740 725

Kylie Laffin

Driver Trainer

Automatic Car (Mazda 3)

Kylie will be drafting an updated bio for the web in the coming weeks. Watch this space. 0424 159 755

Joanne Stephens

Driver Trainer

Manual Car (Kia Rio)

Jo became a driver trainer in 2001. Jo is proud to have joined a progressive driving school however quick to point out our request for her to do a presentation in front of her peers made her very uncomfortable. Jo says it's just like how some of her students feel as learning to drive can be scary for some however for others it's an exciting time of their life, either way Jo feels using a professional is not only helpful, but a necessity. Jo loves what she does as a driver trainer and says there is no better sense of accomplishment than guiding a beginner student though to become a careful and confident driver. 0402 156 043

Steve Barson

Driver Trainer

Manual Car (Hyundai 130)

Steve started his working career as a quantity surveyor but hiding behind a desk talking to himself was not where he wanted to be. He spent a few years operating and instructing heavy machinery on a mining site in Western Australia. In 1980 Steve attended the road safety council in South Australia where he first became a Driver Trainer. This was a great move for Steve and is still a passion of his to this day. He still loves getting out of bed most mornings looking forward to going to work. What better job for a pom! He can whinge at people all day long and still get paid. Steve really feels it is a privilege to be a part of this special stage of so many peoples lives . Being part of the Graduate teams helps because we all have a common goal which is great for him and for you. He believes that with your help we can make a difference. Steve teaches in a manual vehicle. 0413 626 967

Tony Sinardi

Driver Trainer

Manual Car (Toyota Corolla)

 Tony has a keen interest in cycling, and after many years working within the sugar industry, has taken a step back to fulfill some of his leisure activities. 0427 353 496

Paris Baccam

Driver Trainer

Manual Car (Toyota 86)

Paris has lived in Australia since the age of five and has travelled most of the country.

Her career background before teaching was mainly in sales, where she progressed into management roles.

Paris is bilingual and has French influence in her Lao background and enjoys being around people where she can be proactive in teaching.

Paris’ passion for motor sports and cars began at an early age, racing in a homemade billy cart downhill in her family street with the rest the kids in her neighbourhood. 0434 819 136

Annastassia Biggs

Driver Trainer

Manual (Mazda 6), MR, HR, HC

Anna started driver training in 2001 during her career in the Australian Army teaching motorbike through to HC. She has worked in several countries & transported many different loads ranging from general cargo, explosives, people & bulk liquids.
Anna is passionate on transport safety & likes to pass this on through certificate training delivered at Graduate. Anna has also moved into vehicle modification training for disabilities & is thoroughly enjoying it. 0434 520 752

Heath Ward

Director/Driver Trainer

Qualifications: MBA, Cert IV in Driving Instruction, Cert IV Workplace Trainer/Assessor

Heath has 20 years experience in all facets of the transport industry, which he entered after serving in the Australian Army. He has spent the past fifteen years in managerial positions and has been heavily involved in workplace training and assessing.

Samantha McGillivray

Driver Trainer

Manual Car (Mazda 3)

Sam fell into driver training through her husband Lachlan who is also a member of the Graduate team. Previously she spent 10 years in the retail and hospitality sector working her way up to Restaurant Manager for McDonalds. After taking the plunge and changing careers, Sam wishes she had done it sooner. She finds the work very rewarding and has branched into many different areas of the business. 0409 197 037

Liz Smith

Driver Trainer

Manual Car (Suzuki Swift)

Liz became a driver trainer in 2007 in Brisbane where she hails from. When her eldest son got his learners, Liz wanted to instruct both her children correctly and safely. With a background in sales, administration and teachers aide, it seemed like the perfect career, and one which Liz brought with her to Townsville in 2009. 

Working with Graduate School of Motoring team is a fantastic opportunity to work with the best in the business. Liz is passionate about her job and the safety of her students....and also believes that we should never stop learning. Sometimes learning something new is challenging, but with the right support and encouragement, anything is possible. From beginners just starting out to adults returning, from test prep auot/manual upgrade, give Liz a ring and begin your driving adventure today. 0400094444

Todd Barson

Driver Trainer

Manual Car (Hyundai Elantra)

Todd has spent many years working in a retail environment prior to taking the plunge into driver training. 0419 163 630

Kirsten Cooley

Driver Trainer

Manual Car (Suzuki Swift)


Obery Sambo

Driver Trainer

Automatic Car (Hyundai i20)