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Automatic Car (Kia Cerato)

Angelo’s background is primarily in the heavy construction industry driving various types of heavy machinery, which was followed by a number of years in the tyre industry for Bridgestone.

He also successfully ran a lawnmower and small engine business for eight years prior to gaining qualifications as a driving instructor. Angelo teaches in automatic vehicles. 

5 Star Rating


A big call out and thanks to Angelo for his dedication, patience, good advice and calming influence on our two children (Braidon and Maddison) who in the last two years have both had him as their instructor and mentor, with some of his advice to them being passed back to their parents.

They started out on their driving journey with Angelo and again before their test to further identify any flaws, flood him with questions and to smooth out their driving technique. His advice, temperament and no nonsense attitude was invaluable and in both Terri and my mind greatly assisted not only getting their P's but more importantly put two better drivers on our roads.

Thanks again Angelo.

Chris and Terri Legg

Maddison Legg

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