Driver Trainer - 0413 626 967

Automatic Car (Toyota Corolla Hybrid Sport)

Steve started his working career as a quantity surveyor but hiding behind a desk talking to himself was not where he wanted to be. He spent a few years operating and instructing heavy machinery on a mining site in Western Australia. In 1980 Steve attended the road safety council in South Australia where he first became a Driver Trainer. This was a great move for Steve and is still a passion of his to this day. He still loves getting out of bed most mornings looking forward to going to work. What better job for a pom! He can whinge at people all day long and still get paid. Steve really feels it is a privilege to be a part of this special stage of so many peoples lives . Being part of the Graduate teams helps because we all have a common goal which is great for him and for you. He believes that with your help we can make a difference. Steve teaches in an automatic vehicle. 

Reviews 5 Star Rating


Very Friendly, clam presence, like a father, would 100% recommend. Felt prepared and confident for my test.


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