Driver Trainer - 0417 605 650

Manual Car (Suzuki Swift)

John comes across from a long career in the aviation industry, where he worked for the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, then as a commercial pilot and grade 2 flying instructor. He also conducted aircraft maintenance. As an Instructor, he taught primarily young aviators and brings his training skills from the cockpit to the car. John particularly warms to students who experience difficulty, and he says getting those people across the line drives his passion for training. He says it doesn’t matter what type of machine people learn to operate, as long as the instructor uses the 4 “Ps”….planning, patience, persistence and practice.

On days off John can be located at the gym, on a long bike ride or flying his home-built aeroplane.

Reviews 5 Star Rating


John was a great instructor, told me great pointers specially on the lesson before my test. Was great at explaining thing which resulted in me passing my test.


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